open Hershey bar

photo: Creative Commons (Wikimedia: Evan-Amos)

Good morning, everyone. It’s good to see you as always! This morning, I want to help us think about… Oh, excuse me just a moment. Sorry. [Sheepishly reach into your pocket and slowly pull it out so that the congregation has a chance to see that you have a Hershey bar, then hold it up to your ear like a cell phone.]

Martha: Hello? [Now you begin a dialogue between yourself and the voice of Chocolate, which is indicated in bold below. Use a sultry, seductive, delicious voice for Chocolate, and close your eyes while Chocolate speaks, as if you are in a trance or a dream.]

Chocolate: Hello, Martha? Is it you, my darling?

Martha: Hi, Chocolate. Yes, it’s me. You know, it’s not really a good…

Chocolate:What? Am I interrupting something? Something important?

Martha: Well, yes, you see I’m at church right now and the children and the congregation are waiting for me to…

Chocolate: Awww, Martha, Martha, Martha. Now now, don’t get all worked up about those silly people. I’m sure they could wait. And you know how much you love me!!

Martha: I know, Chocolate. I do love you very much, I do. Oh, this is so tempting… you’re just so delicious… [start to swoon, then suddenly snap out of it.] But wait! Hey! I’m not alone! Hey, could one of you kids just help me here for a minute… [Have a child help pull your arm with the Hershey bar off of your ear.]

Thank you! [to child] I’m so glad I realized you were all here to help me. You know, together, we have the power to remember that this is only just a little chocolate bar! … Now, where was I? Something about addiction, I think… Oh well, it’s too late now! We have to go to classes!


Prepare by putting a regular size Hershey bar in your pocket, so that when you grasp it and pull it out, the “Hershey’s” side will face the congregation.

Prop: Hershey bar, or other easily-identified brand of chocolate bar.



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