The living sensitivity of our bodies is wondrous beyond words…. I’ll share something about the relationship I share with my cat, Dandylion, to illustrate what I mean.

photo of Dandylion (Martha Dallas)

photo of Dandylion (Martha Dallas)

Over the years, Dandy and I have come to known each other quite well. We don’t speak the same language, but he has taught me, and I have taught him – those things that are most important for each other to understand.

Dandy and I have a ritual that we practice most mornings. After he’s had his breakfast and his tummy is full, I ask him, “Dandy, do you want to go to your nest?” … and I gesture up the stairs. And usually, he says, “meh?” and heads up the stairs and hops onto the futon where we have a bunch of big, fluffy pillows and some soft blankets.

I follow him, and then I arrange the pillows just so, into a cat-sized nest, and then carefully line it with the soft blankets. And then usually, Dandy hops into the nest, gazes at me with half-closed eyes, blinks, slowly, and then… collapses onto his side in the nest, purring loudly.

And then, usually I ask Dandy if he wants us to tell each other that we love each other. I do this by reaching my forehead towards his. Cats show one another affection by rubbing their foreheads together, so if he wants to tell me he loves me, he reaches his head towards mine and we rub our heads together.

Then, I gently lay my head on his side. [Take a deep, sighing breath.] I close my eyes, and listen to his deep purr, ebbing and flowing with the rhythm of his breathing… in and out… and I feel on my cheek the warmth of his body and the softness of his fur… and my body breathes deeply.

And in that moment I am restored to a kind of truth and goodness. And from that moment I remember that all is well, and that all will be well.


I hope this story inspires for you, times when physical connection with an animal restored you to calm, peace, rightness and wellness. There is a universality to the essence of this experience, so your story will touch others’.

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