image: Creative Commons (Wikimedia: Luis Lima)

image: Creative Commons (Wikimedia: Luis Lima)

Today’s service reminds us of the healing power of musical vibes; of musical vibrations. And one way that we can create musical vibrations is with our own voices.

So I’m going to invite you all on a little playful, curious journey of of exploring our own musical vibrations, and to begin [at this point, start chanting what you’re saying on one pitch in a comfortable part of your speaking range] … I’m going to ask you to join me here, and say “Ahhh…” [While they sing/say “Ahh,” keep talking…]

And while you are making that sound – Ahh… – keep singing it while I talk… [keep talking at the same pitch to encourage them], hold up your hands [do what you’re telling them to do, so they can imitate you] and rub the tips of your fingers with your thumbs… look at your fingertips while you do this… bring your attention to your fingertips while you keep singing “Ahh…” and then touch your fingertips to your throat [do this slowly and deliberately] … and notice whether you can feel the vibration of the sound of your voice with your fingertips. If you can feel your vibrations, raise a hand with me [raise your hand]… and now… [at this point, slide your voice up a bunch – an octave or more perhaps, and simultaneously move one of your hands to your face – to your jaw and cheek… even to your cheekbone, eye and the top of your head, and continue speaking, modulating and sliding your pitch around, playfully…]

When we sing higher, we can sometimes feel our voice vibrating in our face and our head… it’s harder to feel, but you can explore it… you can change vowels, you can start and stop the pitch, concentrating on what you feel, rather than what you hear. And then, you can also [ at this point, slide your voice way down low and put a hand on your chest, and move it from there to your belly and back…] try singing lower and the lower notes are ones we can feel vibrating lower in our bodies, like our chest and sometimes even our belly.

[Slide your voice way up and down and move your hands as you do… sing various vowels and encourage play! It may be tough for them to hear you over all the noise they’re making, so be mindful that many will be just watching what you do for cues to what they’re supposed to be doing.]

Finally, put your hands in the air [model this for them] and stick your tounge out enough that it lightly touches your teeth and lips while you sing [Do this as you instruct; it will sound funny!] and notice if you can feel the vibrations in your toungue!

[With tongue back in place…]You can explore the vibrations you make for the rest of your life. Our bodies are vessels for vibration. They hold vibration and they send vibration beyond themselves. We can make and feel vibes that heal!


I strongly suggest playing with your own voice, and discovering where and how you can physically feel it, before doing this reflection. Give yourself experience with this activity before you ask others to do it. See where you can most easily feel the vocal vibrations you make. It really is fun and quite cool to discover how to tune into the physical dimension of vocal vibrations. There are schools of healing arts which rely on vocalizing, toning, and making vibration.

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