handbells on a red felt tabletop

photo: Creative Commons (Wikimedia: Suguri F)

[Start by ringing a bell and let the sound hang in the air. Ask children for words to describe the sound of a ringing bell.] True freedom is something like the sound of a ringing bell. [Ring it again.] But sometimes… [Ring bell while holding the bell itself, rather than the handle so the sound is dampened.] there’s not enough freedom. And life, existence feels the way this bell sounds.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that freedom would ring. It would ring from the tops of mountain sides! It would ring like the sound of a bell free to move and echo for all people everywhere.

People are like the bell. If they are held by unjust rules and laws, they are not free the way people — all people — are truly meant to be. Just like if I hold this bell on its ringing body, it can’t sound the way it was meant to sound. I need to hold it by the handle so that the ringing sound can be free!

And you no what? If some people aren’t free, then none of us can truly be free. All people need to be free to let freedom ring, and as Unitarian Universalists, we promise one another to work toward a just world where everyone is truly free.


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Inspired by quote from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: “From every mountainside let freedom ring.”

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