double rainbow over field

photo: Creative Commons (Wikipedia: Lauri Kosonen)

Sometimes in life, we have experiences which are so awesome… so un-believable, that when we tell people about them later, we say that we were… Blown Away!

When these experiences happen to us, sometimes the only word we can say is… WOW! … or something like, “Wow!”

And sometimes, the experience blows us away so much that… there are no words. Instead, in a tangled mush of feeling we might shed some tears, or laugh uncontrollably. …and sometimes, we just silently surrender.

And one thing that a faith community like this provides, is an opportunity for us to gather and to share our experiences of being blown away. So we’re going to do just that.

I’m going to ask for no more than five people to share, and I’d like a mix of children’s and adult voices. Please share just two sentences: one about the experience, and one about your response to it.

And one more thing: these reflections are for ears of all ages, so please share appropriately with that in mind. Keep it G-rated.

[Take responses. Use a handheld microphone so you can hear sharings directly, and in folks’ own words. Afterwards, conclude:]

Thank you for sharing. These experiences, and so many more, have blessed us. They have blessed us, indeed. So may we, in return, be a blessing in return, to all of life.


This reflection accompanied a service about life’s awesomeness, which drew inspiration from a virally-powered YouTube video of a double-rainbow sighting. Note that when people shared, they all said much more than two sentences, but did generally respect the spirit of brevity in this request. I made the explicit reminder about appropriateness of content. Our congregations may include persons with impaired judgment, so this was in anticipation of someone who might imagine a moment of ecstasy and skirt a sensitive line involving a topic such as substance use, or sexual experience.

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