Online resources for inspiring YOUR Reflections and Stories!

Particularly helpful online resources I’ve found for inspiring Reflections for All Ages include:

UUA Worship Web

This site includes sermons, stories, prayers, meditation and other written inspiration for worship in Unitarian Universalist settings.


Online Etymology Dictionary

This site can reveal inspiring root meanings of words. Digging into original meanings of words helps reveal connections of ideas within the English language and can help to surface insights.


Bible Gateway

This Bible online offers various English translations of passages. You can search on characters, chapters, quotes, and more to get a reminder of stories and teachings from the Bible.



This website and radio program archives podcasts on all sorts of fascinating and inspiring topics. The hosts/curators home in on an always-intriguing blend of science, faith, meaning and more.


On Being

Here is a searchable archive of stories and interviews from Krista Tippet’s radio program which explores the deepest questions of human existence and life, “On Being.”


Writer’s Almanac

This site lets you search by theme for related poems, or by poet names, or by a line remembered in a poem, to see the whole thing.


This I Believe

Here you can browse essyays by a wide variety of themes and read or listen to wonderful human stories for inspiration.


Unitarian Universalism YouTube channel

There are some good “new to UU” videos to watch and also sermons and other content which might inspire and deepen your understanding of topics you’re developing.


I welcome your suggestions of online resources!


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