stuffed animals together

photo: Martha Dallas


I brought some stuffed animals today!

I brought a variety of stuffed animals; all different kinds, because they will help us to learn more about our first principle of Unitarian Universalism; everyone is special. But today I’m thinking about more than just that. That idea – that we’re each special- is so lovely and easy to accept…. What’s a little harder to remember is our promise to one another that we will learn what makes each of us special… what our “specialnesses” are… what our specialties are… what we’re good at, what we love to do… what, when we do them, it’s like our heart is singing….

So here are different species of animals.

First,  here’s a mouse. Children, what’s special about a mouse? What does it do that other animals don’t do?… and adults, listen to what the child says. [take responses.] How are some of us like a mouse? How does this specialty find its place in human community?

Now, here’s a bird. What makes a bird special in who it is and in what it does. Adults, listen! And how are some of us like a bird as you’ve described it?

What about this monkey? [ask the same questions.}

And I’ve got a worm! [ask the same questions.]

Thank you for helping us understand a little more about the variety of specialties it takes to make the heart of this community sing!


Props: a variety of stuffed animals, ideally representing very different species.

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