head of cauliflower

photo: Creative Commons (Ian Britton)

I brought you something to eat today! Please have some if you’d like. It’s cauliflower. [Pass around cauliflower florets]

When I was in the 5th grade, I had never eaten cauliflower. One day, in school, in my reading group, we read a poem written by some other 5th grader and it was about cauliflower. In fact, it was about how much this kid hated cauliflower. In the poem he said, “cauliflower tastes like paste.”

“Yuck,” I thought, glad for never having had to eat it. In fact, after that poem I sure didn’t want to try cauliflower. Without even questioning the poet’s opinion, I went right along with him and decided I hated cauliflower too. His truth was that cauliflower was yucky; I took that belief about cauliflower on as my own.

Now at some point I had an idea to try cauliflower for myself. I don’t remember that moment, but I can tell you I eat cauliflower now and I like it just fine. I don’t love it, nor do I hate it. But I tried it, and in trying it I came to my own truth about cauliflower. It’s my truth because I was the one who tasted it!

In Unitarian Universalism, we support each other to discover our authentic truths, the true beliefs that are really ours — not just beliefs of someone else’s we like and automatically adopt — but beliefs we try out for ourselves, beliefs we test with our lives so as to make them our own. Do we all believe the same thing? No! But that’s what’s so beautiful. Might our beliefs still change? Yes! Absolutely! If we are developing as UUs, no doubt they will.

But back to cauliflower. I’m just wondering… stand up if you hate cauliflower… if you think it’s okay… if you like it… and if you haven’t tried it or otherwise aren’t included in the above. Okay, just checking out our diversity with cauliflower!


Props: steamed cauliflower florets

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