photo: Creative Commons (Albert Herring)

Sometimes in life, we are called upon to do GREAT things.

And sometimes, there are BIG things that need us to do them.

And, sometimes… life presents us with GREAT, BIG things to do.

And often, when we try to think about actually doing these great big things, we feel so small… their great bigness makes us feel overwhelmed, and as if we don’t even know where to start, don’t even know how to begin. We think about trying to do them, and we… just… freeze.

Can any of you children share about a great big thing that you had to do, and it was such a great big thing that it was overwhelming to you to even figure out how to start? [Take examples; be prepared to make some suggestions if no responses. I suggested cleaning your room or climbing a tall mountain. Then take responses from the adults in the congregation, so that the older and the younger folks present can hear each others’ perspectives.]

Thank you for sharing these examples.

Well, today we’re lucky because today’s service gives us a gift for when we’re faced with circumstances like these. Today we’re reminded of a trick we can use. You see, every great big thing, no matter how big it is, is made up of a bunch of smaller parts. And each of those smaller parts is, itself, made up of teeny weeny parts. So all we have to do is to remember to think not about trying to do the great big thing, but instead to find a teeny weeny part of that thing, something that feels easy to do, and we start with that! We do the teeny, weeny, easy thing! And what do you suppose we do next? [Take a response or two. Children will hopefully have picked up your enthusiasm.] We do the next little easy piece. We take one little bitty, easy step at a time. One at a time. And that’s the way, bit by bit, we can accomplish great things.

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