Why this website? What is its purpose?

This site offers a needed resource to Unitarian Universalist religious educators, and more!


The infinitely vast opportunities of a liberal faith setting

My tradition of Unitarian Universalism (UUism) does not benefit from themes and resources provided by a liturgical calendar. Our clergy are free to preach on topics they deem fitting for their congregation in the current social climate. Our sources of faith and spiritual nourishment are wide-ranging, embracing not only wisdom from the world’s religions, but including various voices that ring prophetic, even our own direct experience. It is this breadth and depth of possibility for insight and transformation which speaks so profoundly to those who call themselves Unitarian Universalist (UU).

A challenge: finding concise, meaningful stories for all ages

Many of our congregations regularly include an element in the worship service for children or all ages. It may be called something like a “Children’s Story,” a “Story for All Ages,” a “Moment for All Ages.” In my congregation, it’s called, “Reflections for All Ages.” Usually, it is expected to tie in to the theme of the service and sermon, which is generally determined by the clergy. Typically, the religious professional in charge of ministry for children and families, and/or who directs religious education programming is responsible for providing and leading this portion of the service. With so many possible resources at hand, it can be challenging to know where to begin, or how to find suitable material to share with a multigenerational congregation.

Sharing the stories and reflections I’ve developed with you – for FREE!

My response to this challenge has been to create my own stories and reflections. Rather than file them into a paper archive or let them fade away forever, the creation of this website allows me to share them freely and widely. They are here for you at no cost, so enjoy and spread the learning!

What if you’re not Unitarian Universalist, or religious at all?

I hope you’ll use this site no matter what! Storytelling, learning by wondering, insights gained through experience, and other modes employed via these stories and reflections can be applied in many contexts and by many sorts of people. They can be used in:

religious settings, houses of worship
secular, values-centered gatherings
community centers
schools, classrooms
homeschool groups
neighborhood settings

… wherever!



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