Martha Dallas on Monhegan Island in Maine

I am…

a religious educator in the faith tradition of Unitarian Universalism. In worship services I create and share “Reflections for All Ages” – short stories, musings, and teachings. I strive to connect with a range of listening ages – from preschoolers to elders, as we explore together the meaning and purpose in our lives.

I like to be where spirituality meets learning.

I love to be at the intersection of spirituality and learning. This is where the grandest questions are engaged and where the wildest wondering has permission to meander. Its where discovery and transformation occurs, which I find so compelling and inspiring!

Developing Reflections for All Ages is a creative journey.

In my work as a liberal religious educator, I love the challenge of developing Reflections for All Ages for worship. For me, its a creative journey. From the time when I first receive the worship topic, through to creating a meaningful, related Reflection, my own journey is one of rich wandering, often with many insights along the way.

I find words to be fun and revealing!

I am a word-nut… I love words, language, poetry, and etymology. I believe that spoken language can both veil and reveal dimensions of the essence of who we are, as a community of human animals.

I relish the challenge of bridging the concrete and abstract.

I love metaphors. The visible, touchable world opens up means of grasping tricky concepts, which helps to welcome learners of all ages and varied learning styles.

I have a propensity for play and silliness!

I have an inner ham and enjoy opportunities for performance. It is an absolute blast to bring a congregation along on a ride of levity and fun, when this simultaneously reveals our deepest cares and yearnings.


I serve as the full-time Director of Religious Education (DRE) at the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington, Vermont, where I have worked since 2006. I became a credentialed religious educator (credentialed level) in 2015. I served part-time as the DRE at the UU congregation in Harvard, Massachusetts from 1996-2000 and have directed a variety of UU camps and group learning experiences. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Education and Theological Studies from Union Theological Seminary in New York City and a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, with a minor in Religion, from Mount Holyoke College.


I love to sing, hike, and run. I keep a garden and enjoy home improvement projects and woodworking. I live in Burlington, Vermont with my partner, Lucy Gluck, and our beastly, yet charming feline, Dandylion.

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